DUI Charges Dismissed

We recently represented a gentleman charged with Driving Under the Influence.   We investigated these charges, prepared to go to trial and ultimately we were able to get the charges dismissed.  If you have been charged with a crime call Rod Sylvester Attorney at Law and let us protect your rights.

Having an arrest record can affect your opportunities for employment, education, housing, loans, licenses, certifications and more. Take advantage of the new Alabama expungement law, have you been charged with certain criminal charges and then not convicted you can have you criminal record expunged.   I will handle each and every step in the complicated expungement process for you. I will help you get that arrest of your record so it won’t affect your life.

Drugs people are most commonly arrested for

The most common forms of drug possession in South Alabama are:




Prescription drugs including:




Synthetic Marijuana;

Ecstasy ;

and recently Molly.

Your first time possessing marijuana, for your own personal use, is a class A misdemeanor.  If you are found to be guilty of possessing any other controlled substance, you will be convicted of a Class C felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.

If you are accused of possession of a controlled substance in Covington County, AL or anywhere else in South Alabama, call me at 334-222-9199 and let me protect your rights.  I will investigate your case, and exploit any weakness in the State’s case.  I will protect your rights, by ensuring that the arresting officer had probable cause to pull your car over, ensuring that any search was done pursuant to a valid warrant or probable cause and make sure the arrest was legal.  If you are arrested,  let me protect your rights.



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