Drug Charges Deferred

My client was charged with possession of marijuana.  After extensive negotiations with the D.A. the client was able to enter a deferred prosecution program and the charges were ultimately dropped.

Not Guilty Robbery I and Kidnapping

My client was charged with Kidnapping an individual at gun point and then robbing him.  We had a two day trial and the jury found him not guilty on all counts.

Rape Charges Dismissed

I represented a young man charged with rape I. Through a thorough investigation we uncovered evidence that proved the accused was innocent. The charges were ultimately dismissed.

Case Dismissed

My client was charged with a fourteen count indictment alleging rape, sexual abuse and sodomy. There were two alleged victims. We investigated the case thoroughly and ultimately all charges were dismissed.

Client not Guilty of Kidnapping and Robbery

I represented a young man charged with Kidnapping I and Robbery I both class A felonies.  This young man was looking at life in prison.  We investigated the case, prepared for trial and after a three day jury trial the jury found my client not guilty on all charges.

Not Guilty of Rape

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: March 20, 2013

Outcome: Not Guilty

My Client was indicted in a ten count indictment in Covington County, AL charging him with Sodomy I, Rape I, Rape II and Sodomy II.   After a two day trial the jury found him not guilty on all remaining charges as some were dismissed prior to the case going to the jury.

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