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Rod Sylvester, Attorney at Law of Covington County, Andalusia, AL provides effective criminal defense, social security disability and personal injury services to residents of South Central Alabama. Backed by over 15 years of legal expertise, I understands that bad things can happen to good people. Providing aggressive representation, I work tirelessly to acquire the best possible outcome for each case.  Choosing an attorney is an important decision.  I have an outstanding record in both trying cases to a jury and reaching the best possible settlements for my clients.   When choosing a lawyer do not make the mistake of letting your bondsman choose your attorney, they may have their own reason for this referral.  Whether you choose me as your attorney or someone else, make sure it is your choice and that you choose the best attorney for you.  Make sure the attorney you choose is an experience criminal defense attorney, social security attorney or personal injury attorney and not just an attorney.   I also specialize in cases for out of state clients.  If you arrested and live in another state or area of Alabama, call me and I may be able to handle your case without you traveling back for court.  If you have questions, just call and I will be glad to provide a phone consultation.

Learn More About Rod Sylvester Attorney at Law:

  • Criminal Law – DUI, driving violations, traffic offenses, drug sales, drug trafficking, theft, forgery, murder
  • Social Security Disability – We’ll fight for the benefits you deserve!
  • Personal Injury – Wrongful death, auto accidents, slip and fall, birth and pregnancy injuries, medical malpractice
  • Expungement, take advantage of the new Alabama expungement law to clear your arrest record.

Upon request, we are able to handle family law issues including: divorce, alimony, child support and adoption.

Contact Rod Sylvester, Attorney at Law today at 334-222-9199, or browse the website for more information about our legal counsel.

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