Drugs people are most commonly arrested for

The most common forms of drug possession in South Alabama are:




Prescription drugs including:




Synthetic Marijuana;

Ecstasy ;

and recently Molly.

Your first time possessing marijuana, for your own personal use, is a class A misdemeanor.  If you are found to be guilty of possessing any other controlled substance, you will be convicted of a Class C felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.

If you are accused of possession of a controlled substance in Covington County, AL or anywhere else in South Alabama, call me at 334-222-9199 and let me protect your rights.  I will investigate your case, and exploit any weakness in the State’s case.  I will protect your rights, by ensuring that the arresting officer had probable cause to pull your car over, ensuring that any search was done pursuant to a valid warrant or probable cause and make sure the arrest was legal.  If you are arrested,  let me protect your rights.



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